Kindle Sale Offers Entry-Level Model for Just $59


Amazon is having a pre-Christmas sale of sorts and is discounting several of its hardware products, one of which is its entry-level Kindle ereader, which is on sale for just $59. It’s not the lowest price we’ve seen for the ereader, but it’s still a really good price, and this even allows you to get […]

Top 5 iPad Air 2 Alternatives [December, 2014]

iPad Air Review -  3

Apple’s iPad Air 2 is one of the best full sized tablets on the market and a slate that consumers in the hunt should be looking at. That said, there are some top notch iPad Air 2 competitors that we think you need to rule out before buying Apple’s brand new iPad Air. Here, we […]

LG G3 Android 5.0 Lollipop Updates Continue to Arrive


Back in October Google announced three brand new Nexus products, including the Nexus 6 smartphone, and along with them debuted the brand new Android 5.0 Lollipop software updating. Delivering a new look and feel to the Android operating system. Today we have good news as the LG G3 Android 5.0 update is rolling out to […]

Galaxy Note 4 Lollipop Update: What You Need to Know

Best of 2014 - Galaxy Note 4 review

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 arrived with Android 4.4.4 KitKat on board though it won’t stay on Google’s aging operating system forever. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.0 Lollipop update could start rolling out in a matter of weeks and that’s why we want to take a look at everything we know so […]

7 Best Nexus 9 Cases & Covers

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 1.27.57 PM

Now that Google’s new HTC Nexus 9 tablet has been available for a little over a month we’re starting to see more and more accessories and cases finally arrive. Google released their own on the Play Store this past week, and many third party manufacturers have excellent alternatives without breaking the bank. Here we rundown […]

iOS 8.1.2 Review: Is It Worth Installing?


A week ago, Apple released the follow up to its iOS 8.1.1 update in the form of iOS 8.1.2. iOS 8.1.2 a tiny bug fixer aimed at squashing lingering iOS 8 problems. Over the past week, we’ve spent some quality time with Apple’s latest and greatest iOS 8 update and today, we want to help […]

MacBook Pro Deals in December: Big, but Small Discounts


Christmas is right around the corner, making it a great time to buy a new MacBook Pro for a loved one, and many retailers are taking advantage of that by offering deals on Apple’s power notebook this month. The MacBook Pro is Apple’s top-of-the-line laptop, packing in a lot of performance in a small package […]

Windows 10 9901: What’s New & Different?  

Windows 10 9901 (1)

Microsoft lulled us all into a false sense of security with previous versions of its Windows 10 operating system. It felt like what we were getting next year when Windows 10 launches was something very boring, very apologetic. Windows 10 9901, the version of Windows 10 that leaked onto the internet this past weekend, is a smack in the face to people who assumed […]

iPhone 4s iOS 8.1.2 Reviews

Most users should install iOS 8.1.1 on the iPhone 4s.

The iPhone 4s iOS 8.1.2 reviews are in and users are not 100% happy with Apple’s new software update for the iPhone 4s. For the last three months iPhone 4s iOS 8 reviews shared a similar mix of excitement and disappointment, but when Apple delivered iOS 8.1 users enjoyed a small boost in iPhone 4s […]

10 Common Nexus Android 5.0.1 Problems & How to Fix Them


Google’s new Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update is now available for the Nexus 4, Nexus 10, Nexus 7 2013, Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 and it will soon roll out to the Nexus 5. Google’s new Lollipop update doesn’t deliver any new features but it does feature fixes for Android 5.0 problems. As we’ve pointed out, […]

Moto 360 Android 5.0.1 Update Rolling Out Today


Earlier this month Google debuted Android 5.0.1 Lollipop for an array of Android devices as a quick software bug fixing update to the initial Android 5.0 Lollipop release, and last week they confirmed all Android Wear smartwatches would receive it next. As expected, last week Android 5.0.1 Lollipop started arriving for Android Wear, but we’re […]

Best Tech of 2014


The best tech of 2014 includes updates to our favorite products and services, adding better looking displays, longer battery life and features that we use every day to the gadgets we simply cannot put down. Our favorite tech of 2014 includes affordable phone accessories and gadgets that anyone can afford and top of the line […]

Far Cry 4: 10 Things You Need to Try

What you need to know about the Far Cry 4 release date.

Far Cry 4 is an incredibly fun and fast paced game, and if you still can’t decide if the game is worth buying or if you just want to know what you should do when you get the game — here are 10 things you need to try in Far Cry. Far Cry 4 is […]

Best iPad Mini Screen Protectors

iPad mini

If you’re worried about scratching the display of your brand-new iPad mini, then getting a screen protector is a great way to prevent that from happening. Here are the five best screen protectors that you should consider if you’re thinking about getting one for your iPad mini. Screen protectors come in all different styles, but […]

iPad mini 2 iOS 8.1.2 Review

The iPad mini 3 could look a lot like this.

At the beginning of last week, Apple rolled out its brand new iOS 8.1.2 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The company’s new iOS 8 update is a bug fixer, aimed at squashing iOS 8 problems. Over the past week, we’ve spent some quality time with Apple’s new software and today we want to […]

T-Mobile Reveals Surprise Un-Carrier 8.0 Event

With a push to bring 4G LTE to areas with 2G and Edge coverage by the end of the year a T-Mobile iPhone 6 could be an attractive option.

Moments ago, T-Mobile USA, America’s fourth-largest wireless carrier revealed it’s holding a surprise press event and announcement this coming Tuesday, December 16th. It’s dubbing the surprise event Un-Carrier 8.0, hinting at even more changes for its customer-friendly wireless business. T-Mobile began sending notices about the event to wireless industry pundits and insiders early this morning. The invitation is […]

Nexus 6 Android 5.0.1 Update Release Confirmed


The new Android 5.0.1 Lollipop release looks like it will continue today as one more US carrier has confirmed the update is expected to arrive for the Nexus 6 starting today, following previous rumors claiming the same release date. Android 5.0.1 Lollipop is a small bug fix update that’s currently rolling out to owners of […]

iPad Air iOS 8.1.2 Review

iPad Air Review -  2

Last week, Apple rolled out its brand new iOS 8.1.2 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The company’s new iOS 8 upgrade is a bug fixer, aimed at squashing lingering iOS 8 problems. Over the past week, we’ve spent some quality time with Apple’s new software and today we want to share our full […]

Galaxy S4 Android 5.0 Update Arrives for Some


This weekend the highly anticipated Android 5.0 Lollipop update arrived for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition smartphone, delivering Google’s latest software update to the popular handset ahead of many other Galaxy devices. Google announced Android 5.0 Lollipop back in October and slowly started updating many Nexus smartphones and tablets in November, and along […]

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Cheap Android Tablet

Cheap Android Tablets are note worth the price.

Buying a cheap Android tablet sounds lie a great way to get someone in your life connected to the Internet for next to nothing, but there is a big reason you should never buy a cheap no name Android tablet that you find at Walmart, Walgreens or even Best Buy. Cheap Android tablets offer the […]