Palm To Launch New Nova OS At CES

It’s no secret that Palm has been losing market share to RIM, Apple, and HTC year after year. Palm started abandoning their own OS in lieu of various iterations of Windows Mobile on their devices, much to the chagrin of its loyal users who miss the simplicity and stability of the Palm OS. According to Crunchgear, this year’s CES event will be the launching pad for Palm’s renewed efforts into the mobile communications sector with an expected release of a touchscreen device utilizing a slide-down QWERTY keyboard. The OS backbone is named Nova and anticipation is running high. After my WM6.1 meltdown this morning where I magically lost the native messaging app on my T-mo Wing, I’m really looking forward to seeing what Nova is capable of. The hardware is thought to be sourced from HTC like the Treo Pro. Supposedly, the new Nova OS is going to give Apple’s iPhone a run for its money, but I’ll wait until Thursday to see if it holds true, considering everything out recently was touted as an “iPhone Killer” but still left much to be desired.