Paradigm Shift eReaders Head to CES with Color

paradigmshift1Kat Hannaford at Gizmodo asks At what point does a supposed ereader become a tablet?” It’s a valid question on many levels. And with everyone expecting to see a slew of tablets and eBook readers at CES2010, you will be hard pressed to find one that can’t read eBooks using someone’s software to do so. For those not inclined to remember history, Tablet PCs in their early life all used Microsoft’s ebook reading platform out of the box. While that offered a decent experience, it was far from what we are seeing today, and with Amazon and its competitors aiming to have you get your eReading jollies from their respective stores, we’ll soon see every platform out there capable of reading eBooks.

But back to Kat’s question. It was prompted by the announcement that we’ll be seeing some eBook readers from a company called Paradigm Shift at CES2010. The supposed big news here, is that the devices will have full color screens and cost under $200. If you take a look at the specs, you’ll see the two readers (one 5 incher and one 7 incher) it might make you question the bold assertion hinted at by the company’s name, though. I mean if you’re going to call yourself Paradigm Shift, you better be prepared to do some paradigm shifting.