PeeWee Pivot Tablet Launches

peeweeHere come the PeeWee PCs. Launched yesterday the PeeWee Pivot Tablet PC is designed for the younger set and the convertible PCs look to be a lot of fun. Based on the Intel Classmate PC, the Pee Wee PC can be used as a slate or a conventional net/notebook and includes software designed for the kiddies, and also a security suite to protect them from the bad guys out there.

The Touchscreen device is listed as having a spill proof keyboard, and shock proof outer shell. It comes with a stylus and most of the Netbook specs we all know by heart this days from a device running Intel’s Atom chipset.

It is priced a little high in my opinion at $599, especially when you can get a similarly spec’d Netbook for less than that. But then hey, I guess the thinking is the kid factor is worth the extra bucks.