Pictures and Specs of OQO’s Model 2+

IMG_0032 I just did an interview with OQO‘s Bob Rosin and am uploading the video now. Stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, keep reading for more on the new OQO Model 2+ = pics, specs, and pricing. Can you say $999 and super crisp / sharp?

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Folks, the Model 2+ is a HUGE improvement over the Model 02: a beautiful and crisp OLED display which looks fantastic from every angle; greatly reduced fan noise — I never heard it during our interview and we were playing h.264 video; 2GB of RAM; an Intel Atom 1.86 Z540 processor, and reduced pricing. For those concerned with the OLED screen maintaining its brightness over time, they shouldn’t be: after 3 years running 10 hours a day, it will still have retained 80% of its’ original brightness. The Model 2+ touch screen is a passive digitizer, and no longer active. Due to the touch screen, there is also a bezel present, which was not there on the Model 02. All of the existing accessories from the Model 02 ( battery, dock, etc) are compatible with the Model 2+.  Stay tuned for an interview and hands-on with the OQO Model 2+

The Model 2+ is available for ordering now and shipping in May.

OQO has also responded to the market with a much improved pricing model


  • $999
  • 1.33 ghz
  • 1 GB ram
  • 60 GB hard drive
  • XP Home


  • $1499
  • 1.86 ghz
  • 2 gb ram
  • 120 gb harddrive
  • OLED
  • Windows Vista

GOBI is $150 extra. 64 GB SSD is $700.

IMG_0021 IMG_0024
Notice the bezel, which is new to the Model 2+. The previous model had a flush bezel
IMG_0029 IMG_0030
IMG_0032 IMG_1680
IMG_1681 IMG_1684