Pixel Qi-Enabled ZTE Light 2 Android Tablet to Take on Notion Ink Adam

If you’re looking for an e-reader tablet alternative that can render color videos and photos while still offering excellent outdoors readability, the ZTE Light 2 Android tablet can make for a great 7-inch companion device for e-bibliophiles. The ZTE Light 2 uses the same Pixel Qi display employed by the larger 10-inch Notion Ink Adam tablet, but offers it in a 1024 X 600 7-inch display, which is comparable to today’s Galaxy Tab from Samsung in size and resolution.

For a tablet, the 1024 X 600 resolution is a higher resolution display compared to cheaper alternatives, like the Dell Streak 7 for T-Mobile which uses a stretched out WVGA resolution offering a lower 800 X 480 pixel count spanning the same screen size.

JKKMobile was able to catch up with ZTE at Mobile World Congress and captured the YouTube video, which we had re-posted below:

The CTE Light uses the 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon video according to the video, so it should be a powerful, light device.