Play GTA Online: Possible Fixes for Common GTA Online Problems

Playing GTA Online is a major issue for most gamers who encounter GTA Online problems and errors that prevent make it impossible to start the first race, holding back access to the entire online version of GTA 5‘s massive world — but there are two fixes that gamers can try to start playing GTA Online with a wait as short as 10 minutes.

Rockstar apologized for the issues earlier this week and is asking for patience, but gamers are sick of messages saying that Rockstar Cloud Servers are Unavailable, loading into blank screens, staring at a zoomed out city scape, watching a character get out of a car 50 times and standing in a parking lot for hours on end while waiting for other players.

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Some reports indicate that the GTA Online problems are due to Rockstar’s surprise at selling so many copies of GTA 5, though the game is still widely available at retail stores and pre-orders alerted the company to initial demand for the game, which was an early indication of demand for the GTA Online version as well.

GTA Online Problems Fixed

Rockstar continues working around the clock to add server capacity and to make other changes that will fix many GTA Online problems. Until the company is able to come up with a complete guide on how to play GTA Online successfully, there are two fixes discovered by GTA Online players on Xbox and PS3 which Rockstar recommends trying.

These fixes for common GTA Online problems address the issues gamers have getting past the first race and into the open world, but are not able to guarantee a smooth performance or a future slowdown while waiting for other players in future jobs where you need more players.

The GTA Online error, "Rockstar Cloud Servers Unavailable" is what we see most often while playing GTA Online.

The GTA Online error, “Rockstar Cloud Servers Unavailable” is what we see most often while playing GTA Online.

If you are experiencing these common GTA Online problems, we’ll share tow possible fixes with you below.

  • Freezing while loading into first race in GTAO with “waiting for other players” on the screen
  • Seeing the same cut-scene twice in a row and then getting stuck on a load screen
  • Getting stuck transitioning into the lobby or race while other players are joining/leaving
  • Race Corona (start area, marker) not showing up for first race

Delete and Re-Download the GTA 5:GTA Online Update

According to some gamers and Rockstar, deleting the GTA Online update from Xbox and PS3 and re-installing it could help gamers play GTA Online without the issues. It appears to be the same update coming back down, but perhaps it is resetting something that lets gamers in. The reason is not clear, but multiple users report that it works.

It is important that you delete the update, and not your GTA 5 save data. Do this from your Xbox home menu or PS3 menu, not inside of GTA 5. The video below outlines how to delete a game update on the Xbox 360.

This video outlines the general process of deleting a patch on the PS3, which should be similar to deleting the GTA Online patch on PS3.

After deleting the update, launch GTA 5 and download the update again to try to play GTA Online.

Swap Characters for GTA Online

Another fix that should help gamers get out of the parking lot loop in GTA Online is to switch characters. This is a fix for users who got stuck on a race loop, and who did not get into GTA Online yet. If you already got past the race, this is not a fix for you and doing so would likely cause a loss of JP and RP points in-game.

Switching characters could help with common GTA Online problems.

Switching characters could help with common GTA Online problems.

  1. Launch GTA 5 story mode.
  2. Pause the game and go to the Online tab.
  3. Choose Swap Character.
  4. Delete the character stuck in a loop.
  5. Create a new character and play GTA Online

If both of these solutions fail, Rockstar offers a third GTA Online fix, which gamers will not like. The overall solution is to wait for GTA Online problems to disappear and to try again.

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After trying these potential fixes, you may still need to wait up to 10 minutes for the first race to start. These possible GTA Online fixes are not working for everyone. One member of the Gotta Be Mobile staff spent several hours trying to play GTA Online in the past several days and despite trying these fixes is unable to play GTA Online.