Pocketables Reviews The Aigo P8860 MID

Jenn at Pocketables has done her usually thorough job of reviewing a device, and her latest review of the Aigo P8860 MID is quite an interesting read. In addition to a range of info and a slew of pictures she offers some interesting insight into not just this device, but also to this entire MID class of devices. We’ve seen other reviews of this device floating around, and now that it is available worldwide (at the moment through a Japanese distributor) I’m sure it will catch some attention. That said, I would imagine Jenn’s review will become an interesting stop when folks are making their purchasing decsions. I’m going to quote a bit from her conclusions here:

The Aigo P8860 is a complex device with a target audience that is difficult to define.

On the one hand, it’s a consumer-oriented gadget that provides everything the average user needs to stay connected, be productive, and be entertained with little compromise. Unfortunately, these same users could fail to see the difference between the P8860’s capabilities and their current smart/feature phone’s functions. They may be able to identify certain differences (e.g., Flash support, higher resolution screen, etc.), sure, but it is unlikely that these differences would outweigh the inconvenience of carrying two devices.

She raises some interesting points about this device and its target audience that have been memes around the circuit before. Will the average user be happy or disappointed that you have to do some hacking on an apparently very hackable device in order to install programs? Is the size and feature set enough when comparing it to other options out there?

I don’t think anyone knows for sure right now, but for whatever reasons, the delays in getting any MIDs to market might have been detrimental in the long run for these devices and their future.