Poll: Are You Moving Your Media Viewing To Your Mobile Devices?

Hulu released its App for the iDevice platform yesterday and announced that it’s subscription service will be available for $9.99 a month. You can currently apply to enter the Beta. But that’s only the beginning of this post and it certainly is jut another in a long line of Internet based media viewing solutions. Supposedly the trend is for folks to move more and more of their media viewing (movies, TV primarily) away from their TV screen to their mobile devices, or to some combo of gadgets and big screen. And of course that raises issues of competition, pricing, etc…

I’m personally way behind the curve here as I just don’t have much time for lots of viewing in my life, but I know others who stay on top of every twist and turn with every service and every option. Hulu’s free web service has become an everyday thing for several folks I know who have busy schedules and would rather play catch up on their computer than set the DVR. And let’s face it, there are a lot of bets being made that this supposed revolution is going to mean money changing hands. Or at least passing through some different hands.

So, I’m curious how about how GBM readers think about this new feature of media viewing. Are you changing your media viewing habits and taking advantage of these new services? Does the boob tube still rule your viewing choices? The poll questions below will only be a part of the answer, so give us some more perspective in the comments.