Poll: Has Your iOS 5 Upgrade Gone Smoothly?

Today was supposed to be a fantastic day for those with an iPhone, an iPad or an iPad touch. And that’s because today is iOS 5 launch day, a day that many of you have been waiting for since WWDC 2011 or longer. Myself included.

Unfortunately, the upgrade process has been anything but smooth for me and the rest of the iDevice users here at GBM and I get the feeling that those problems are probably mutual.

In fact, I am seeing all sorts of tweets and getting all sorts of emails about people that are having issues getting iOS 5 on their iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4. Let’s make one thing clear. You are not alone.

iPad 2 iOS 5 Update

I have been trying to get iOS 5 on my iPhone 3GS and iPad 2 for about four hours now. I’ve tried five times for both devices and each time, I can’t get past the point where iTunes needs to verify the back up information.

The error I’ve been getting is Error 3200.

Then, when I click on ‘More Information’, Apple fails to come up with a remedy. I’ve tried rebooting my phone and my computer. I’ve also fiddled with all sorts of stuff in iTunes, which by the way, has been updated to iTunes 10.5, something that Apple forced me to do.

Needless to say, the process has been mind numbingly frustrating and I’ve given up hope for the time being. I’ve updated my iPhone many times in the past and I’ve never had any problems, until today.

You’d think, because I write about stuff like this on a daily basis, that I would know what to do. But I don’t.

And Apple doesn’t seem to either.

So, that’s my story. I’d love to hear about yours.

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