Potential Security Issue with Windows 7, the TIP, and Passwords?

GottaBeMobile.com reader Medic / Willem Evenhuis just posted a YouTube video (see below) demonstrating a possible security bug with Windows 7 and their password security setting in the TIP, which is supposed to keep the password from being displayed while it is being entered via the onscreen keyboard. It is clear from his video that the password he is entering is being shown on the keyboard while he uses the onscreen keyboard to type it out, and he says that the TIP security is at the highest setting. I’ve tested this on my end using several websites and the log on screen, and it functions as designed for me. Anyone else having this problem? I’m definitely not seeing it on my end, but it doesn’t mean a potentially serious security bug isn’t there.

If you are testing out Windows 7, leave us a comment and let us know your experience. In addition, be sure to report this bug if you are experiencing it, too. This issue is also being discussed in our forums.

Here is part 2 where Medic shows us that the security setting is indeed set to the Highest setting, and the password clearly being seen as the keys are pecked out on the onscreen keyboard. This is a huge issue, as the default security setting on the TIP is supposed to prevent this. In addition, as this is the only beta being shipped, it is critical that this get fixed before the Release Candidate is nailed down. If you are testing Windows 7, report as a bug….

Original video