PR Wars Between Palm and Apple Brewing

palmprewebos.jpgThere’s nothing like a good old fashioned PR War especially when the stakes are high. Rumors are starting to circulate that the Palm Pre may be officially rolled out June 7, the day before Apple’s anticipated new iPhone announcement at WWDC. Of course that means analysis of the rumors is in full swing with some saying Palm is foolish to do this right before Apple’s big announcement and some saying it is a brilliant move.

I’m in the latter camp. Everybody and their headline writing brother is ready for the Palm Pre’s unveiling with headlines ranging from “the second coming” to “Palm fails to impress with the Pre.” No question Palm has stacked the expectation decks and has a lot riding on the Pre. So, in my mind, if you’re taking the big gamble and betting the future on a new product, you might as well go all in with the marketing and publicity. In this case, all they have to lose is everything, so fire with both barrels.

Sure, Apple will suck a lot of oxygen out of the air with the iPhone release, but the gamble, if these rumors prove to be true, is that Palm might put a kink in that oxygen hose. Any story that comes out about the iPhone that mentions the Palm Pre (assuming it isn’t a complete negative comment and in some cases even if it is) will be in Palm’s favor.

As long as they spell your name right someone once said.