Publishers To Reportedly Get Cut of Xbox One Used Game Sales

While Microsoft wasn’t very forthcoming with details on how used games will or won’t work on the Xbox One, it seems the company is already working with manufacturers to create a system that will let gamers buy and sell used games.

A report from MCV claims that Microsoft briefed retailers such as GameStop on a new system for used games that will give publishers a cut of the sale and not make users pay extra fees.

The system will also help explain why the Xbox One may “phone home” once every 24 hours.

Xbox One

The rumored system will bring a new system to retailers that will register games that gamers trade in. That system will check which account owns the game, and remove the title from the gamer’s account and Xbox One console. The retailer is then free to set whatever price they want for the used game.

Once someone buys the used game the retailer will give a cut to the publisher of the title and Microsoft. The store will then take the rest of the profit. There is no extra fee for the gamer, and everyone is happy. The gamer gets a game for less than they’d pay for it new, the retailer gets profit, and the publisher gets their cut as well.

MCV says that unconfirmed reports from ConsoleDeals claim the retailers will get just ten percent of an activation fee for used games. That activation fee would be £35 in the UK (about US$52), and would be built into the cost of the used game. The publication seems unsure of the report, however.

The rumored new system doesn’t explain how Microsoft will handle games that gamer lend to friends, though presumably the company will talk more about that closer to launch. The company will only say there is no fee when playing a game on the owner’s account, so gamers may have to sign into their account on a friend’s Xbox One to play games they own but their friend doesn’t.