Purchasing and Downloading Music With the HP Mini 1000 Mi Edition

So, I’m headed out to Starbucks to do some heads-down programming, and I thought I’d take the HP Mini 1000 Mi along, too. I thought it would be fun to download a few tunes since the Mini Mi has a nicely integrated music player, and since I’m mobile, I should probably do what some teenagers / college kids would want to do while mobile – hit up Amazon, buy a DRM-free MP3, and relax while listening to some music. At least I tried to….

On the Mini Mi, I typed Amazon.com from the Home screen, and Firefox took over, taking me straight to Amazon.com. I found the music I wanted, clicked the Buy link, and was almost in MP3 heaven. I was pleased to find out that Amazon’s MP3 download service featured a Ubuntu version – “cool, this should work out pretty good” I thought. I followed the instructions on Amazon which indicated that an “Install Package” option should appear after download and clicking on the downloaded file. Nope, no “Install Package” for me. So, I hit up the Add / Remove Programs option on the Mini Mi – nothing there, either, that would let me install the Amazon download package. Surely it couldn’t be this hard to install a program in order to download some MP3’s? Why is HP blocking me from doing this?

45 minutes later and I still can’t figure out how to install this darn package. I just want to listen to some music that I just bought. Downloading music from Amazon is a common consumer experience, and installing packages like Amazon’s download program shouldn’t require command line syntax. I shouldn’t need to do it on another computer / OS in order to get the MP3 over to the Mini Mi, either.

Needless to say, I wasn’t able to listen to my music on the Mini Mi. Where is Windows when I need it? Why can’t I easily install programs on the Mini Mi? I’m sensing a reinstallation back to Windows XP or Windows 7 is in my near future.