Put down the phone or the elbow gets it

"No, dude, I'm telling you: this is how 'conference calling' works."

"No, dude, I'm telling you: this is how 'conference calling' works."

Good news for all you dorks who walk around all day with Borg-style Bluetooth headsets in your ear as if people really need to talk to you (like this ridiculous tool in the photo). Turns out, in addition to disguising your creepy habit of talking to yourself, using that headset is good for your health, or at least the health of your elbow.

Doctors have concluded that keeping your arm bent for long periods of time talking to your friends, family, and frenemies (and frenemily) can result in spontaneous combustion of your arm cubital tunnel syndrome, also known (by me) as “ouchy elbow”. Recommended preventative measure is not talking on your phone so damn much, but using a headset, ¬†Bluetooth or otherwise, should also do the trick, unless you hold your phone to your ear while using your headset (like the geek in the photo. What a nerd.).

Anyone else have the foresight to use headsets to save their elbows from unspeakable, blinding pain like fire ants biting into ¬†your nerve endings? (Okay, that might be hyperbole, but I haven’t felt either to compare.) Let us know in the comments. And twenty fake bonus points to anyone who posts an alternate (preferably funnier) caption to that photo (fake bonus points are like highly valuable real bonus points but fake).

Via all sorts of sources, so I’m going to go with eMedicine.