Revive the Butterfly Keyboard?

I have huge hands, making it difficult for me to use some netbooks and other small devices. I can use a netbook for a few hours, but I can type much more accuratly and quickly on a full sized keyboard. I’m certainly not the only one that wishes there were some magical way to have a full-sized keyboard on a netbook.

ThinkPads have some of the best keyboards in the industry . Back in 1995, the ThinkPad 701 came with   an innovative keyboard called the TrackWrite. The TrackWrite or thinkpad701_sc‘Butterfly Keyboard’ expanded past the palm rest area of the 10-inch ThinkPad 701 when the notebook was opened. The keyboard contracted when the display was closed.

James Kendrick blogged about the mostly-forgotten Butterfly Keyboard and suggests that someone should revive the concept. I definitely like the idea of having more keyboard real estate. There are of course some trade-offs, including added thickness and a minuscule palm rest area.

Would you like to see something like the Butterfly Keyboard on your next mobile device?