Rockstar: Here’s What to Do if GTA 5 Freezes

Rockstar’s latest open-world simulation, Grand Theft Auto 5, GTA 5 for short, has only been available for a day. However that isn’t stopping the developer from addressing a few of the issues that gamers have reported when trying to play the title on their Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

According to Rockstar, loading freezes are possibly being caused by an error when someone fails the Jewel Store Job Prep mission of the game saying, “This issue can occur either during a mission replay of “The Jewel Store job prep” or when retrying the mission after failing when acquiring the pest control van. A possible workaround at this stage would be avoid failing the mission at this particular point or to attempt this mission during the day, as it is possible the issue is caused by a scenario scripted to happen at night time.”

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That isn’t the only mission that seems to give players who failed it once trouble, it’s Rockstar’s assertion that the same bug could be behind the locked doors at the game’s Lester Garment Factory, even though users have to enter it to continue one of the game’s early missions.

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Finally, the company is also asserting that users who are having trouble when the Trevor character becomes stuck after trying to walk ahead of Floyd during The Port Heist 1 – Setup mission should simply stay behind Floyd to avoid getting stuck in the game’s environment.

It appears that users who are holding out for a patch to fix these issues might be in for a longer wait. While Rockstar is acknowledging that Grand Theft Auto 5 does have a few game breaking bugs — mainly the loading screen issues — it hasn’t yet commented on how quickly it’ll move to fix those issues.

While game developers for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 can issue patches to fix their games over time, getting patches approved through Microsoft and Sony’s online gaming services does take time, something that users might not have much of if they are hoping to finish the game in time to trade it in to GameStop for a trade-in value only slightly lower than the original $60 they paid.