How to Rotate the Nexus 7 Home Screen

My biggest complaint about the Nexus 7 home screen is that it doesn’t rotate into landscape mode when I turn the tablet on its side.

There are many ways to make the Nexus 7 automatically rotate to landscape mode, but my favorite involves an app that changes rotation behavior and puts controls in the notification bar.

I’m always using the tablet in landscape mode for Twitter, games and movies, and dealing with the lack of landscape mode is annoying.

Ultimate Rotation Control is a free to try android app that can force the Nexus 7 home screen to rotate to landscape using the accelerometer.

Nexus 7 landscape orientation auto rotate

The Nexus 7 home screen in landscape thanks to Ultimate Rotation Control.

The Ultimate Rotation Control app allows users to set the rotation to auto, forced auto and locked. The app also includes per app setting sot force rotation on apps that normally stick in portrait orientation.

To use this app, Install Ultimate Rotation Control from Google Play. The app is free to try for one week, then requires a license purchased for $2.99.

After installing the app, pull down the notification drawer and tap on the middle rotate icon with an F. This will force rotation and allow the Nexus 7 to rotate to landscape on the home screen and in apps.

Ultimate Rotation Control

Ultimate Rotation Control settings.

The same setting will allow the Nexus 7 to rotate to all orientations, so the Android buttons could be by the camera. With this setting the display will be oriented right-side-up no matter how the Nexus 7 is held.

There are other ways to rotate the Nexus 7 home screen to landscape, including installing new launchers like the Apex Launcher and others.