Samsung Adding S Pen Stylus To The Next Generation Galaxy Tab?

In an interview with LAPTOP Magazine, Samsung product marketing manager Ryan Bidan says that having a pen interface similar to what we see with the Galaxy Note “continues to make a lot of sense across a number of screen sizes,” but won’t go so far as to say that the next 10.1-inch Tab will have a stylus.

Still, the possibility has many all a-buzz with the possibility. I wouldn’t be sad to see a small stylus like the Note’s come with the next Tab as I’m a fan of stylii in general.

The ThinkPad Tablet’s stylus is one of the best parts of using the slate, especially when paired with note-taking apps,  handwriting recognition, and document markup. Bring that level of goodness to a Galaxy Tab and I’m on board.

Galaxy Note S Pen

Some may be inclined to dismiss the whole idea of  the stylus because Steve Jobs was famously not in favor of pen input. But a glance at the dozens of capacitive stylus products being marketed to and bought by iPad and iPhone owners is all you need to understand the power of the pen.

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Pen input isn’t the ideal method for every situation, of course. Bidan also discussed developing better voice commands, gesture control, even facial recognition. I think we’re coming up on a time when multiple intuitive and natural input methods revolutionize how we interact with our gadgets just as iOS revolutionized touch interaction with the iPhone.