Samsung Attain Galaxy S II for AT&T Gets Pictured

On Samsung Mobile USA’s Facebook page, a fan had tagged an image of a large-screened smartphone as the Samsung Attain, a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II for U.S. carrier AT&T. While the Attain has been rumored for AT&T, and other Galaxy S II variants are speculated to hit most, if not all, major U.S. carriers, this leaked image of the Attain shows visual and stylistic differences from the main Galaxy S II model that has been introduced for the ineternational market.

The user who had posted the image notes that the image is obtained from Samsung Singapore’s photo, and shows a slim and sleek smartphone with AT&T branding on it docked in what appears to either be a multimedia dock or desk dock. Though the Attain retains the sleek and slim form factor, large screen, and Android OS of the international Galaxy S II, the Attain does differ in that it follows the traditional Android button layout. Just beneath the Attain’s screen are four capacitive touch buttons for Android navigation, similar to what is being used on the Samsung Infuse 4G for AT&T.

The image was part of a photo album on Samsung Singapore’s Facebook page for Galaxy S II accessories.

International edition of the Galaxy S II has different button placements for the Android navigation keys

Though the Attain pictured in the image looks identical to the Infuse 4G, there is a subtle difference that can be noticed where the power button is situated, perhaps suggesting that the model shown in the image is not the Infuse 4G but is actually the Attain. In the image, the power logo is located towards the front–on the screen side of the power button while on the Infuse 4G the logo is towards the rear of the handset on the side of the battery and away from the screen.

It looks like with the Galaxy S II, Samsung is giving the U.S. carriers a chance to differentiate their models with different branding just like the original Galaxy S. For instance, with the Galaxy S, AT&T branded their device the Samsung Captivate while carriers like Sprint named theirs the Epic 4G and Verizon had the Fascinate.