Samsung Epic 4G Touch Ice Cream Sandwich Bug Fix Update Rolls Out

Sprint has announced that it has started to roll out a Samsung Epic 4G Touch Ice Cream Sandwich bug fix update for its version of the Galaxy S II.

The carrier has announced the roll out through its community page and it says that the update will be rolling out in stages to owners of its Epic 4G Touch.

The update supposedly will put an end to all of the issues that have been plaguing Epic 4G Touch owners ever since Sprint rolled out the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the device. Since July, complaints from owners of the device have been rolling in detailing a number of issues plaguing the smartphone.

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Sprint has rolled out an ICS bug fix update for the Epic 4G Touch.

Sprint’s changelog only details one issue that has been fixed and that’s the battery drain problem that many owners have seen after installing the software.

It’s our hope that the software addresses the other issues on board the Epic 4G Touch, though, at this point, that’s unclear.

At the beginning of August, we heard from numerous Epic 4G Touch owners who said that their device had become nearly unusable after installing Ice Cream Sandwich. Owners told us about how after installing Ice Cream Sandwich, the device began to lock up, freeze completely or become unable to send out phone calls.

We also heard from some Epic 4G Touch owners who claimed that they couldn’t read emails and that the device‚Äôs UI was extremely sluggish.

While the issues likely didn’t affect all Epic 4G Touch owners, it was clear that the issues were pretty widespread and that Sprint needed to address them with an update in a quick manner.

Fortunately, it looks like Sprint has taken steps to try and counteract at least some of the issues that have been plaguing the Epic 4G Touch for quite awhile now.

Anyone seeing the update yet and if so, has it fixed your issues?