Samsung Galaxy Nexus Owners Reporting Random Reboots

It would appear that some Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners are experiencing something that’s arguably more frustrating then the phone’s sub-par battery life. BGR is reporting, citing Google’s support forums, that Galaxy Nexus users are experiencing random reboots on their device and that right now, the cause of the curiously timed rebooting is unfortunately unknown.

Most of the complaints seem to be coming from those who own the GSM (3G) version of the Galaxy Nexus but there are reports from owners of the Verizon CDMA device as well.

The reboots have happened during all sorts of use cases including the phone being idle and during gaming sessions.

A few of us here at GBM with the Verizon model have seen random reboots with one editor suffering a reboot during a phone call at CES and another seeing it happen a couple of times during normal usage.

Galaxy Nexus

So it appears that Google and Samsung might actually have a little bit of a problem on their hands. Maybe not as big as the HTC ThunderBolt reboot issue but certainly one that will have to be addressed.

Google for its part has made it known that it’s aware of the problem and that it is investigating. That bodes well for those that are in need of a remedy in the not-so-distant future.

And now, we have to ask. Are any of you out there with a GSM or Verizon Galaxy Nexus experiencing random rebooting on your device?

We’ve love to hear from you and see if we can find out how widespread this issue actually is.