Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Rumors: Flexible AMOLED Display

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 rumor mill is at work again today and this time, it’s a new rumor about the display on the device that is set to arrive later on this month.

Korea IT Times is reporting, courtesy of Android Central, that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, will in fact, sport flexible AMOLED display technology, a feature that we thought had been dispelled earlier this year.

Samsung has been showing off this kind of display technology at trade shows but it has yet to put the technology to use in a consumer-grade device.

Apparently, the Galaxy Note 2’s flexible display panel will allow for Samsung to put in a bigger battery, something that the Galaxy Note 2 definitely needs.

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The company has been rumored to be commercializing the technology for 2012 and it once again appears that the Galaxy Note 2 could be the first device to utilize it.

This is a rumor that had previously surfaced only to be dispelled by another report that claimed that the Galaxy Note 2 would instead just have a regular old AMOLED display.

So, it’s unclear just exactly what is at work here. It may be that Samsung is trying to throw analysts and consumers off of the trail of the Galaxy Note 2 by introducing new rumors.

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It’s also possible that the Galaxy Note 2 could actually feature this new type of the technology. Sadly, given how well Samsung is guarding this device’s true nature, we probably won’t find out for sure until August 29th when Samsung is scheduled to introduce the Galaxy Note 2 to the world.

The company has set up an event for that date ahead of the IFA conference in Berlin, the same conference where Samsung introduced the original Galaxy Note last year.


The Galaxy Note 2 could feature a flexible display.

And while the launch date is known, the Galaxy Note 2 still remains a mystery. In addition to the flexible display, the device has been rumored to have a 5.5-inch HD display with 720p resolution, 4G LTE data speeds, a quad-core processor, upgraded cameras and a design similar to the Galaxy S III.

It’s also rumored to have either Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4.1 Jelly Bean aboard when it arrives later this month.

No word yet on any sort of specific release date.