Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Launch Again Pegged for IFA

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which has already been rumored to be launching at IFA 2013 in Berlin, has once again been pegged for launch at the trade show perhaps alongside Samsung’s long-rumored Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

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In the past, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has been rumored to be coming to replace Samsung’s current Galaxy Tab, the Galaxy Tab 2. However, so far, those rumors have not come to fruition and the Galaxy Tab 3 remains unannounced. That could change, it seems, once IFA 2013 rolls around. And it appears that the Galaxy Tab 3 may be joined by another big name device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The Galaxy Note 3 is rumored to be replacing the Galaxy Note 2 this year.

The Galaxy Note 3 is rumored to be replacing the Galaxy Note 2 this year.

According to a new rumor from SamMobile, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has been tapped for launch at IFA 2013, possibly alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which has been rumored to be arriving at the trade show. Samsung announced both the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2 in Berlin.

IFA 2013 is going to be taking place in September this year, with the trade show slated to kick off on September 6th. This will be a departure from last year’s IFA which took place during the month of August. It’s possible that we could see the company announce the device ahead of or during IFA with another Unpacked event. Given its past announcements though, a launch in Berlin, at least, appears likely.

The invites for the Galaxy S4 launch indicated that the Galaxy S4 was only Episode 1 of Samsung’s Unpacked events for 2013. That should mean that the company is planning an Unpacked event for the Galaxy Note 3’s arrival as well.

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The Galaxy Note 2 launched at IFA 2012.

The Galaxy Note 2 launched at IFA 2012.

Previous rumors have suggested a Galaxy Note 3 launch at IFA though the previous rumor suggested that this would be the earliest it would launch. Samsung is evidently planning to shop the device to executives at AT&T well before its launch. These Samsung Galaxy Note 3 mock ups will reportedly show off the design of the Galaxy Note 2 successor, but won’t divulge the actual technology on board.

The Galaxy Note 3 is expected to feature a larger display, a better S Pen stylus and a Exnos 5 Octa processor, the same chip that will be coming in the Galaxy S4.