Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rumors Heat Up After Launch

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch may not be over as rumors suggest that the company is working on a Galaxy Note 3 with a flexible display for October and another cheaper Galaxy Note 3 variant for later this year.

Earlier this month, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 3, a device that comes with a new design, a new larger display, a better camera, faster processor and more. The device will be hitting some markets on September 25th and will be landing in the United States and Japan starting in October. And while the Galaxy Note 3 launch seemed to be final, it looks like the Galaxy Note 3 that touches down in September and October may not be the only Galaxy Note 3 model that touches down.

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Neither the Galaxy Note 2 nor Galaxy S4 featured flexible displays.

Neither the Galaxy Note 2 nor Galaxy S4 featured flexible displays.

Reports out of the Korean media today suggest that Samsung may be introducing two new Galaxy Note 3 models, one premium limited edition Galaxy Note 3 with a flexible Samsung Youm display and another that uses an LCD display and a lesser camera.

In the build up to the Galaxy Note 3 launch, we heard that a flexible display for the Galaxy Note 3 was out as Samsung couldn’t get production in line ahead of its arrival. We had also heard rumors about a cheaper Galaxy Note 3 hitting shelves though the Unpacked launch event in Berlin, Germany did not produce one.

According to Chosun Ibo, Samsung is still working in a Galaxy Note 3 with flexible display and it looks like it may release it in limited production, meaning, it likely won’t hit every market around the world. The device is said to utilize Samsung Youm technology, technology that Samsung showed off back at CES 2013 alongside the Exynos 5 Octa.

If true, it will mean that the Galaxy Note 3 could come with an unbreakable display as Samsung looks to compete with LG, the latter of which is said to be putting out flexible displays this year.

Another report from ETNews suggests that Samsung is working on a cheaper Galaxy Note 3 that could enter production in November and be released sometime later this year. It’s not yet known where this cheaper Galaxy Note 3 will be released though it could be aimed at emerging markets. The device is said to have an S Pen and a different body but other details, including price, remain unknown.

Samsung reportedly was going to announce the cheaper Galaxy Note 3 alongside the premium Galaxy Note 3 on stage but held off as it didn’t want to detract from the image of the Galaxy Note 3 that was announced.

Both reports should be taken with a grain of salt given that we haven’t seen an array of Galaxy Note models in the past. However, Samsung has shown a willingness to capitalize on its big brand names as the Galaxy S4 Zoom, Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S4 mini followed the Galaxy S4 release in April.