Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is Really, Really Big

Stating this upfront. This is not a review. This isn’t a preview or a first look. This is a post that contains some observations. Now that is out the way, I want to talk briefly about the size of the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. This weekend I found myself at Best Buy. OK, that’s inaccurate. I went there to pick up a few things and (don’t tell my wife) had every intention of buying a new Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Tablet to check out and review. I’ve been impressed with Samsung’s Galaxy Note line of devices and their Digital Inking capability and was excited to get my hands on the new, larger Note Pro 12.2 to see how well it worked on that larger sized Tablet. When I say “get my hands” I mean both hands, because it takes two hands to handle this beast.


The Note Pro 12.2 is a larger Tablet. Anyone who doesn’t know that going in hasn’t been paying attention. I certainly did. But to my surprise the 12.2 Tablet is much larger than I imagined and much larger than I can handle, or rather want to handle. I’m sure there are users out there who might find a need for such a large Tablet, but I’m not one of them. Samsung’s acknowledged target market for the Note Pro 12.2 is the prosumer market. In my opinion the large size indicates that it will be a very small segment of the prosumer market that will be interested.

I handled the Tablet in the store for over an hour or so to try and get a feel for it before plunking down some cash to make the purchase. But in the end I decided that the large size was just too much for me and decided against the purchase. Holding the device in two hands I felt like I was holding a lunch tray at a fast food restaurant. Again, you may feel differently.


Here’s the thing and it is all about personal preference (or at least hand size): there is no way you could work with this Tablet one handed. Not that everyone needs to, but that is certainly my preference. The Note Pro 12.2 requires two hands simply because of its size. Did I expect to need two hands? Yes. But even with both hands on this Tablet I felt very awkward holding it. I find it telling that Best Buy has the Note Pro 12.2 displayed propped up with a keyboard accessory instead of laying flat on a stand as most of their Tablets are.

Again, I’m not saying this is a poor Tablet at all. But the size just isn’t right for me. Given that this Tablet has a stylus and Samsung’s SPen software, my hunch is using it for any sort of Digital Inking would require the Tablet to lay flat on a surface or be on a stand of some sort. So sketching or note taking on the go is probably not going to work for most. We’ve seen graphic Tablets that lay flat on a surface available for quite some time, and users of that kind of Tablet are probably the market this will appeal to. It is hard for me to imagine the Note Pro 12.2 being a Tablet that anyone totes around for mobile work other than to transport it from one desk location to the other.


I took a few pictures that are sprinkled throughout this post to try and give you some sense of the size difference. The most telling one is the side by side withe Note 10.1 2014 Edition below. That’s a 10.1 inch Tablet. You can see just how much extra real estate is available on the 12.2 model of this new Tablet in comparison.


I won’t pass judgement on the Note Pro 12.2 in any way except to say it is a very large Tablet designed for those who might enjoy that extra size. If you’re interested in acquiring one of these Tablets, I would strongly recommend you find an outlet where you can put your hands on one before ordering if you choose to purchase online. Like I said, I was prepared for a larger Tablet. I wasn’t prepared for just how much larger this Tablet really is.