Samsung Galaxy S II Hard Reset [How To]

So you want to sell your Galaxy S II or return it but you don’t want to leave your data for others to find? Here’s how to ensure that it’s gone.

Don’t laugh, I’ve been reviewing smartphones for years and I could write a short book telling all the funny goodies I’ve found on phones because people didn’t take the time to remove their personal data.  I had one that must have been used by the PR rep that sent me the unit since they left their contacts on it and the contents read like a who’s who of mobile blogging. I had the personal data of a financial analyst from the Wall Street Journal a few years back. I also found a memory card full of music, photos, and even some NSFW video. These are people that should have all known how to protect their data. I never used any of this data for evil, I’d just wipe that data for them.

So, that said… On to the show.

Here’s a quick video I did to demonstrate how to do a hardware hard reset on the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket. This same method works for all of last year’s Samsung Galaxy models like the Fascinate and Captivate. It also works for this year’s Galaxy S II models.

If you have any questions on how to do a reset on other models, feel free to contact me.