Samsung Galaxy S3 Users Report “Sudden Death” Issue

A host of Samsung Galaxy S3 owners are reporting a “Sudden Death” issue wherein the device, after either charging it or turning off the screen, just suddenly dies and does not turn back on.

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In a lengthy post over at XDA-Developers forum, and many other forums it seems, Galaxy S3 owners from several different regions around the globe are complaining about their Galaxy S3’s abruptly dying for no apparent reason. According to many of the owners, after leaving the phone on the charger over night or simply by just turning off the display, the popular smartphone abruptly died.


Galaxy S3 owners around the world are complaining about a “Sudden Death” issue.

Many owners are saying that their Galaxy S3 died around the six month mark after having bought it though at this point, it’s unclear exactly what is causing the issues that these users are seeing. There are an assortment of theories right now as to why the issue is happening to the Galaxy S3 and they include bad motherboards, the stock battery and the fact that many users who have experienced the issue have tweaked their software.

The first theory is still a possibility as owners who sent in their broken device under warranty and got their motherboard replaced are reporting that their phone is now working properly once again. The second theory, in regards to the stock battery, seems possible but is as of yet unproven and third, at the least at the moment, seems a bit less probable given that owners of the Galaxy S3 who haven’t tweaked their device have also seen this “Sudden Death” issue occur as well.

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Also unclear is just how widespread this issue is. It appears that it’s affecting device owners in places all over the world including UK, Sweden and Brazil just to name a few. However, given that Samsung has sold over 30 million units, from the looks of things, it’s likely that it’s only a fraction of users that are experiencing this issue.

Those that have experienced the “Sudden Death” issue have also gone in depth about the hassle of getting it fixed. Several owners have had to deal with call centers, uninformed customer service representatives, and extremely long repair times, some waiting for as long as a month before the phone was returned.

So at this point, it doesn’t appear as though Samsung is suffering from an epidemic of faulty Galaxy S3 devices but it does appear that it has happened enough times to cause a bit of a stir in the Galaxy S3 community and frustrated customers who thought they had bought a perfectly good phone. And those who haven’t experienced the issue yet would be wise to make a back up of their data in the event that the issue does occur.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is Samsung’s current flagship smartphone and features a massive HD display, dual-core processor, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, two solid cameras and a design inspired by nature.