Samsung Galaxy S4 32GB Goes on Sale at AT&T

The Samsung Galaxy S4 32GB model is now available on AT&T, offering users significantly more storage than the maligned 16GB Galaxy S4 which ships with about 8GB of free memory.

AT&T is now selling the Samsung Galaxy S4 32GB for $249 online and in stores, though only in the black finish at this time.

Samsung and U.S. carriers remain silent about the Galaxy S4 64GB model, but this is good news for users who plan to play high-end Android gamers and movies purchased from Google Play on the Galaxy S4.

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 features a Micro SD card and can connect to cloud storage, which is the reason at least one carrier is only offering the 16GB model. Unfortunately the usage here is limited as games, rented movies and TV shows as well as Google Music cannot be transferred to the SD card.

The 32GB Samsung Galaxy S4 arrives on AT&T today.

The 32GB Samsung Galaxy S4 arrives on AT&T today.

Between the pre-installed software, which cuts the memory in half, and these limitations savvy shoppers will be better off buying the Samsung Galaxy S4 32GB rather than buying the 16GB and getting a Micro SD Card. After downloading a handful of games and an HD movie from Google, the 16GB Galaxy S4 from AT&T is almost out of storage.

Other carriers are not yet offering the Samsung Galaxy S4 32GB model. Verizon stated that it will not carry the 32GB Galaxy S4 model. T-Mobile and Sprint are silent on the matter, which leaves some hope. U.S. Cellular isn’t ruling it out, but has yet to confirm that it will offer a 32GB Galaxy S4.

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Users who typically play a lot of games or want to keep movies purchased on Google Play on the device should be sure to pick up the 32GB model. Thankfully photos can go to the Micro SD card and users who rip their own movies and side-load music can use the Micro SD card for storage.

Samsung also offers a 64GB Galaxy S4 model, but it is only available from select importers, and may never see an official U.S. release. Negri Electronics offers several unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 64GB models for sale, but they are just shy of $900 and can’t be purchased on a contract.  The phones are only up for pre-order so far.