Samsung Galaxy S4 Pre-Orders Reportedly Start at Walmart This Week

Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders will kick off on Walmart for multiple carriers on Tuesday April 16th according to a leaked document.

The internal document doesn’t detail exactly which carriers Walmart is planning Galaxy S4 pre-orders for, but Walmart currently sells the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

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PhoneArena shares a leaked Walmart document which claims the Samsung Galaxy S4 is, “the biggest launch for this year in Wireless.”

The Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders will allegedly start on multiple carriers at Walmart on April 16th at 9 AM.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders will allegedly start on multiple carriers at Walmart on April 16th at 9 AM.

While the document does not share much new information, it instructs employees that the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date varies from carrier to carrier.

The select Walmart stores should receive the Galaxy S4 pre-order documents on Monday. The Galaxy S4 pre-orders will allegedly start at 9 AM on Tuesday morning.

So far the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-order is the only officially announced carrier that partners with Walmart. U.S. Cellular also started taking pre-orders on the 16th.

If this internal Walmart document is correct, we will see at least one other carrier start taking pre-orders on Tuesday April 16th. It is possible that T-Mobile will be the Galaxy S4 carrier to step up to the plate. The carrier partners with Walmart for a special T-Mobile $30 a month pre-paid plan and is currently the only partner for Walmart’s Straight Talk Wireless service. T-Mobile also announced a Samsung Galaxy S4 release date of May 1st, the only U.S. carrier committing to a specific launch date.

The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 release, as well as Sprint’s model are without a pre-order date or a release date. Though there is no official word, Verizon is often later to launch Samsung products.

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AT&T already confirmed Samsung Galaxy S4 pricing for the 16GB and 32GB models which will retail for $199 and $249 respectively, with a two-year contract. We expect other carriers will follow suit, though T-Mobile may offer the Galaxy S4 for $99 with 24 monthly payments of $20

The Samsung Galaxy S4 features a 5-inch 1080P HD display and a plastic design that includes access to a MicroSD card and a removable battery. Despite the larger screen, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is about the same size as the Galaxy S3, though a bit thinner.

Samsung includes a number of unique software features made possible thanks to a multitude of sensors hidden inside the Samsung Galaxy S4. One of these is Air View, a feature that lets users hover a finger over the display to reveal what is going on underneath, much like the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 2. Another feature, shown in the video above is Smart scroll, which combines motion and eye-tracking for a touch free scrolling feature.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will compete with the HTC One, which launches on carriers this week with a 1080P HD display and an all metal design.