Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept: Folding Design, Flexible Display

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is just a few weeks old, but a new concept is available showing us what a Samsung Galaxy S5 might look like with new tech Samsung demoed at CES.

Samsung is clearly investigating flexible displays and folding smartphones and tablets with the Youm initiative, and by the time the company is ready to deliver a Samsung Galaxy S4 successor it could be ready to bring to market.

A new Samsung Galaxy S5 concept from Mobileaks shows us what a Samsung Galaxy S5 with a flexible, foldable display might look like. The concept combines the looks of previous Galaxy S models, with a few liberties in style, and a foldable hinge to make a massive screen more pocketable.

A Samsung Galaxy S5 concept shows off a flexible, foldable display.

A Samsung Galaxy S5 concept shows off a flexible, foldable display.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 concept doesn’t claim to offer a specific screen size, but based on Samsung’s upward trending screen sizes this could be 5-inches or higher. If the Samsung Galaxy S5 features a flexible display, it could in theory fold up to a smaller size that makes it easier to pocket.

In this Samsung Galaxy S5 concept we get a look at a 7.5mm thick device that folds closed into a 15mm thick package. While this is thicker than most smartphones, the smaller footprint could more easily fit in a pocket.

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When Samsung showed off the Youm Flexible display at CES the company showed off several prototypes on stage and debuted a demo of what flexible technology could enable from a design standpoint.

This Samsung Galaxy S5 concept bears a resemblance to the “Phone. And Tablet” mock-up Samsung shows off about three minutes into the video below.

Unlike this concept, Samsung’s vision of a Galaxy device with a folding display makes use of multiple screens to replace the need to carry two devices with one that can pull double duty.

There are rumors that Samsung will deliver a flexible display in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but so far those are up in the air. LG committed to shipping a smartphone with a flexible display by the end of 2013. While Samsung is silent on when we can expect a Youm flexible display release date, many analysts believe 2014 will usher in a wave of flexible smartphones and tablets.

Odds are the first generation of consumer devices with flexible displays will feature displays that are flexible, but held in a curved position, rather than foldable displays or displays that shoot out of a small bar, like the Samsung Youm Tablet concept shown at the tail end of the video.