13 Common Galaxy S6 Edge Problems & How to Fix Them

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is one of our favorite smartphones, but it isn’t perfect. After a month of use, we’ve discovered a small collection of common Galaxy S6 Edge problems and the fixes that owners can use to solve issues and bugs.

Samsung includes a curved edge on both sides of the Galaxy S6 Edge display. The curved display adds several new features and introduces the potential for problems with S6 Edge particular features like notifications, the night clock, the placement of the Edge and other small issues.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix Galaxy S6 Edge problems without going to a carrier store or calling Samsung. Many of these are straightforward fixes; you just need to know where to look. Some of the same problems appear on the Galaxy S6 without the curved edges as well.

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Samsung is working on small micro updates for the Galaxy S6 Edge, and some carriers may already have an update waiting to solve a collection of bugs and issues.

How to fix Galaxy S6 Edge problems.

How to fix Galaxy S6 Edge problems.

Here are the common Galaxy S6 Edge problems that we’ve discovered and the possible fixes for some of these issues.

How to Fix Galaxy S6 Edge Notifications Not Working

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge notifications are a potential problem out of the box. Samsung includes two ways to look at notifications, and only a limited number of alerts appear as a push notification without the owner swiping on the edge of the phone.

If you do not get any Galaxy S6 Edge notifications you should go to Settings -> Edge Screen -> Select notifications. Here you need to make sure that the Edge notifications are on for the apps you want. Samsung limits the notifications, so if you want to see more you will need to turn on the Information Stream.

Go to Settings -> Edge Screen -> Information Stream. On this screen, you can select the feed that shows your notifications from the Notification drawer on your phone. The briefing option will allow you to see all your Galaxy S6 Edge notifications. To see them, you need to swipe up and down the edge of the screen to see them, so it is not a notification that will alert you.

How to Fix Galaxy S6 Edge Features On Wrong Side of Phone

Depending which hand you hold your Galaxy S6 Edge with, the Edge features may be on the wrong side of the phone. You can change the side of the phone where Edge features show up in the settings so that you can access the features quickly no matter if you are right handed or left handed.

Choose which side the Galaxy S6 Edge features are on.

Choose which side the Galaxy S6 Edge features are on.

Go to Settings -> Edge Screen -> Edge screen position. Then select the side of the phone you want to see Edge features. This option will change the setting for all the options including notifications, call alerts, and the night clock.

How to Fix Galaxy S6 Night Clock Problems

One problem you may run into is the Galaxy S6 Edge night clock turning on at the wrong time. You can only keep this on for 12 hours and the biggest problem we ran into was switching the time.

Fix Galaxy S6 Edge night clock problems.

Fix Galaxy S6 Edge night clock problems.

When you are trying to switch the time, the 12-hour limit can continue to adjust the time back to where you set it if you attempt to change the time in the wrong direction. To avoid this, move the clock in the opposite direction, closer to the end time until you can move the time to the range you want.

How to Fix Galaxy S6 Edge WiFi Problems

There are four principal fixes for Galaxy S6 Edge WiFi problems. It’s not surprising to see some S6 Edge WiFi problems, but fixing them is slightly problematic because of the varied factors causing the issues.

When you cannot keep a WiFi connection or run into problems, the first thing to do is restart the phone by holding the power button and choosing restart.

Fix common Galaxy S6 Edge WiFi problems.

Fix common Galaxy S6 Edge WiFi problems.

If the previous options do not fix the problem, try to restart your router. In most cases, you just need to unplug the router from power for 30-60 seconds. You can try the same tactic with your modem, but if the modem is the problem other devices will likely not connect either. If problems persist, you can try to update your router firmware by searching for you router name and instructions.

For users who still experience connectivity issues, go to WiFi -> the network name -> Forget. After you do this, you can reconnect by entering the password again.

If all else fails go to WiFi -> More -> Advanced -> then turn on Always allow scanning and Keep WiFi on during sleep. 

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