Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7’s and Galaxy Note’s Displays Are Gorgeous

The AMOLED displays on Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Galaxy Note are simply amazing. The viewing angles are fantastic and the colors are rich. Videos look great, photos pop and static content is so clear that it almost looks too good to even be a display. It’s easy to imagine that some people will mistake a real Samsung device with an AMOLED screen for a display model with a sticker in lieu of a real working scren.

After playing with the two devices at the Showstoppers event at IFA 2011 in Berlin, my iPhone and iPad 2 are looking mighty dull.

In this photo you can get a sense of how alive the Galaxy Tab 7.7’s display looks compared to the user’s hands. Most mobile devices’ displays lose a lot of color accuracy and clarity when viewed at an angle.

In this image you can see that the Galaxy Tab 7.7 is still readable at a pretty extreme angle and the colors are still vibrant.

This image doesn’t do the Galaxy Note’s display justice, but you can see how clear the display is.

This is the phone application on the Galaxy Note. It’s static screens like this one that almost look like a sticker was placed over the display.

These displays are sure to turn heads once they hit store shelves.