Samsung Q1EX UMPC Panned in Review

samsung_q1ex-71g_2-480x309Let’s just call Mark Spoonauer of Laptop Mag not a fan of the Samsung Q1EX UMPC.   He’s reviewed the new Samsung Q1EX UMPC, (that features a VIA processor) and well, to be kind finds it lacking. On the one hand I can’t say I’m surprised. All of us here at GBM cocked our eyebrows in that skeptical way we have when we first heard of the device, but we were pleased to see that Samsung had dropped the split keyboard, and that the initial price was lower ($749) was lower than the earlier Samsung UMPC offerings.

But on the other hand, maybe Samsung would have fared better in the early reviews on this if they had doled out review units to some of the sites that covered UMPCs more extensively before that market dried up. Not taking anything away from Mark and his well done review when I say that, but Samsung’s actions do seem a bit like the blind leading the blind.