Samsung’s Next Big Thing: A Metal Bodied Galaxy F with Curved Screen?

While Samsung may have two premium lines of smartphones in the form of the Galaxy S series and the Galaxy Note, the South Korean electronics giant is considering adding a third flagship to the Android mix by introducing a Galaxy F. The premium smartphone will utilize metal components, including a rumored metal body design, that will allow Samsung to compete in the design department against Apple’s unibodied metal smartphones and HTC’s One flagship.

It’s unclear if adding a third flagship to the mix will enhance Samsung’s brand or create customer confusion. More recently Samsung had introduced additional models to its flagship Galaxy S range. The line used to be about just the Galaxy S flagship smartphone where the model designation begins with S followed by the generation model. However, this year, Samsung had diluted the S branding by releasing a Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy S4 Active, and Galaxy S4 Zoom in addition to the flagship Galaxy S4 of the line. Thus, adding an F series could allow Samsung to re-focus its effort at the very high end of the market again as it takes the S series mainstream.

Image via Trusted Review

Image via Trusted Review

And given that the Galaxy S is usually introduced in the spring, Samsung may need a better offering in the later half of the year to compete against new phone introductions made by many of its rivals, including LG, Sony, and Apple. In the spring, Samsung’s Galaxy S line competes well against HTC’s flagship phone introduction, but given the rapidly changing mobile landscape with new processors, displays, and other technologies, the fall is when Samsung’s big rivals introduce new models. This fall, we saw the introduction of the LG G2, Sony Xperia Z1, and the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c models from Apple. A Galaxy F would allow Samsung to compete in the premium segment with these competitors during the fall time frame and in time for the holiday shopping season.

However, without the F series and If Samsung released a second Galaxy S in the fall, it would devalue the line and give the phone a life span of about 6 months.

In the fall, however, Samsung already has a second premium line of phones already in the form of the Galaxy Note series. The company introduced the Galaxy Note 3 on the same day that Sony had debuted the Xperia Z1. However, in this case, the Note 3’s larger phablet-sized display may turn off some customers. An F series would be more effective for smartphone, rather than phablet, seekers.

This would create a window for the Galaxy F as it would be a smaller, more pocketable device. The use of metal would distinguish the series from the spring’s airy and light Galaxy S lineup, and Samsung could potentially differentiate the F by creating a sealed smartphone experience with no expandable memory, similar to the HTC One. This could be a possibility as the Galaxy Note 3 is shipping in a more capacious 32 GB of internal storage and reliance on the cloud could negate the need for a memory card, which could mar a clean design that fashion-conscious tech seekers may want. This would allow the Galaxy S series to continue to use plastic in some form and offer more powerful features while the F would be more geared towards design.

Still, this is all conjecture at this point. The Galaxy F branding is being reported by ET Times. Though it makes sense, there are plenty of rumors that Samsung may be using a metal frame for its upcoming Galaxy S5. If this happens, it would negate the need for a Galaxy F as there wouldn’t be much differentiating the Galaxy S and F lines.

Most recently, Samsung confirmed that it will be debuting a new phone with a curved display, likely a flexible display, sometime next month. While it’s rumored that this is a more premium and limited edition of the Galaxy Note 3, the phone could represent the new Galaxy F line. A curved screen with a unibody metal enclosure may be novel enough to make Samsung loyalists upgrade again in less than a year since the Galaxy S4 debuted.