Say What? HTC One Getting New Microphone

HTC is already researching the possibility of including a new microphone in future shipments of its HTC One flagship due to patent disputes with Nokia.

According to FOSSPatents, by way of an injunction in a Dutch court, supplier STMicroelectronics will have to stop providing the microphones that it had been selling to HTC for use in the HTC One.

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The court found that these microphones were being manufactured by the company for use exclusively in Nokia devices and that STMicroelectronics had no standing on which to sell them to any other hardware vendor.  Since Nokia’s patent on the microphone design is still pending the court was not able to act on Nokia’s call for HTC to issue a recall of any devices that had already been in the manufacturing pipeline.

htc-one-aluminum 3

Rather than fight the injunction and continue ship devices that could be found to infringe on the exclusivity agreement STMicroelectronics had with Nokia, HTC will instead look into switching the microphone in question with one that isn’t currently involved in litigation.  The ruling did include language that allows HTC to continue using the microphones it had already purchased from STMicroelectronics, so the decision won’t immediately effect the HTC One supply chain.

HTC did delay the initial launch of the HTC One from early to mid-March in the United Kingdom. At that time it was believed that this delay was being caused by a shortage of components needed to manufacture the device. Reportedly, these delays were centered on the procurement of the HTC One’s Ultrapixel camera. The device’s launch in the United States was not delayed.

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The rejected recall injunction and allowance of continued device sales in good news for HTC. The HTC One is a key part of the company’s strategy to turn itself around after reporting nearly nonexistent profits last quarter –mostly due to the delayed launch of the HTC One.

During the first quarter of this year the company made a profit of only $2.8 million, a drop of 98% when compared to profits from the previous quarter.

Because of those same delays, HTC now has to compete head to head against Samsung’s Galaxy S4. Its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best-selling Android device thus far with 30 million devices sold as of November 5th of last year.