Schmidt Resigns from Apple Board after FCC Starts Inquiry

goog-appeTiming is everything and whether or not Eric Schmidt resigned from Apple’s Board of Directors because of the FCC starting an inquiry over the Apple pulling the Google Voice apps and not allowing Google’s own app for Google Voice to go forward or not, this will always look like their is a cause and effect. One thing for sure, things are roiling a bit because of the FCC.

Sumocat reported on the FCC inquiry on Friday when the news broke. Interestingly enough, AT&T has already come out with a statement that isn’t a statement. Its statement says “AT&T does not manage or approve applications for the App Store.” While this flies in the face of AT&T’s previous shenanigans with the SlingMedia app (changing terms of service, changing them back again, then admitting that their network traffic can’t handle the user load, then trying to rebrand the iPhone from a phone to a computer), the statement is an obvious piece of spin. Of course they don’t manage or approve apps in the App Store. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a say in what does or does not get approved.

I think the FCC has found a few soft spots in the underbellies of Google, Apple, and AT&T, and we’re just beginning to see what will certainly prove to be a long and interesting drama unfold.