SCOTTEVEST Carry on Coat to Help Beat the Airline Baggage Scam

Flying has been a lot less friendly since airlines implemented tougher limits on baggage and charging from checked bags. A new SCOTTEVEST jacket is designed with enough pockets to store everything most people would pack on a weekend trip.

The SCOTTEVEST (SeV) Carry on Coat has 33 pockets, including a couple of large ones that can hold garments and shoes. If our experience with SeV garments is any indication, travelers will be able to pack up to a 13″ notebook, several electronics accessories, a smartphone, digital camera and two or three changes of clothes.

Delta recently rejected a SeV ad, citing security risks and that the ad was misleading since it said that SeV could help avoid checked baggage charges.

I completely understand the airline’s logic of charging customers for what they use, but the system is broken. Comparing prices across airlines is now more difficult, the check-in ┬áprocess takes longer and cabins are stuffed with luggage that passengers don’t want to pay $25 or more to check, making the boarding process a real pain.

One reason I wear SeV clothing when traveling is so I don’t have to check any of my electronics. My carry-on bag, typically my DSLR camera backpack, is dedicated to camera gear and a notebook. It weighs about 40 pounds and it’s a real pain to take it out of the overhead compartment when flying. I typically carry a smaller computer or iPad in my SeV jacket, along with anything else I might need for the duration of the flight. This makes me a much better row-mate since I don’t have to stand up to get stuff like my headphones, snacks, medicine, etc.

The SeV Carry on Coat will be available soon at for $225.