Sena iPhone 5 Cases: Leather iPhone 5 Pouches, Cases and Holsters

Sena announced a collection of new iPhone 5 cases today, marking some of the first leather iPhone 5 cases to hit the market and some of our favorite iPhone wallet cases reborn for the iPhone 5.

Sena offers 12 leather iPhone 5 cases, including 5 iPhone 5 wallet cases. I reviewed the Sena WalletSlim iPhone case this summer and found it incredibly well-built with a great finish.

We’re looking forward to reviewing these leather iPhone 5 cases in the near future. With no iPhone 5 cases in Apple Stores on release day, they make a tempting choice for users that are willing to wait for a case.

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The Sena iPhone 5 cases are available to pre-order at discounted prices, but won’t ship until late in October or early November.

Sena iPhone 5 case

Sena’s new iPhone 5 cases.

I like the Sena Walletslim case because it doesn’t include a cover of any kind like most iPhone wallet cases. The Sena Walletslim iPhone 5 case looks like the same design is in play, so this review should apply.

The Sena iPhone 5 cases start at $26.99, and increase for the higher end wallet cases to around $55.

iPhone 5 cases holster

Sena offers leather iPhone 5 holster cases.

Sena offers iPhone 5 pouches, which allow users to slide the iPhone 5 in for protection on all sides as well as iPhone 5 holsters that attach to a belt while protecting the phone.

iphone 5 cases wallet

Sena iPhone 5 wallet cases arrive in late October.

Many of the  form-fitting leather iPhone cases are wallet cases, but Sena also offers several flip cases that offer iPhone 5 screen protection when closed.

The iPhone 5 cases page doesn’t show the back of these Sena cases, so I suggest looking at the iPhone 4S cases page to see what the full case looks like.

Sena offers leather iPhone 5 cases in a variety of colors from black to bright red and bright orange. These colored leather cases look very nice in person. Most of the cases come with a fine grain leather, but some are available with a pebble or crocodile leather finish.