Setting Up SugarSync- Take 2

sugarsync_logoAfter Warner Crocker blogged about free 2GB SugarSync accounts I decided to start using the service again. It wasn’t the free offer that got me interested in the service again, but some new product enhancements.

I stopped using SugarSync back in August because syncing tons of videos and photos got in the way of synching what I really need access to on all of my machines- my documents. With the old SugarSync client it was impossible to prioritize which documents and folders were uploaded first. This meant, for example, I couldn’t tell SugarSync to upload and Sync a PowerPoint presentation I needed for a meeting before it uploaded a 1GB video clip.

Thankfully, users can now mark files as ‘high priority’ to bump them up in the queue. I’ve also downloaded the SugarSync iPhone application, which I’m sure will be useful.

I wanted to start fresh with SugarSync, so I deleted all of my notebooks and tablets from my SugarSync account. The files were moved to my SugarSync Web Archive folder automatically. I installed SugarSync on my MacBook Pro and told SugarSync to only sync my documents folder.

Unfortunately, I ran into some hiccups almost immediately. Instead of just uploading files, I noticed that SuarSync was downloadning files to my documents folder. Several GB of data from the deleted computers were making their way to my MacBook Pro. I restarted the application, and triple-checked that the old computers had been deleted properly. The problem seemed to have gone away, though the names of some of the old files still show up in SugarSync’s file transfer status window.

I now have about 1.3GB of documents synced from my MacBook Pro and am installing Sugarsync on my HP 2730p and a few other notebooks.

I’ll share my experiences as things progress and would be interested in hearing if you’re using SugarSync or a similar service.