iPhone 4S: Siri’s Surprising and Funny Answers

Siri can tell you a lot more than where the closest café is or what the weather will be like tomorrow. Ask the voice-activated artificial intelligence baked into the iPhone 4S a challenging or personal question and its answer may surprise you. Siri doesn’t think much about the competition and while it might like iPhone users, it doesn’t love us.

Here’s a roundup of several personal questions we asked Siri. It won’t answer every question you throw at it, but Apple’s engineers definitely programmed plenty of easter eggs.

Siri doesn't seem to think much of the smartphone competition

Another answer to the same question about phone choices

Siri is yet another Apple creation trying to get you to buy apps.

Siri has self awareness.

Siri won't tell you what it looks like.

Siri handles curveballs well. Guess I should've been more specific.

Siri won't tell you its age

Siri doesn't want to admit it's not human

Apparently I like Siri more than it likes me...

Siri isn't ready for a long-term relationship

Siri won't go out with you, but she will recommend alternatives

Siri doesn't feel the same way

Might be a sore subject at Apple's HQ, but at least Siri has a good sense of humor.

Enough fun and games...When Will the World End?

You  can read our full iPhone 4S review here and learn more about how you can use Siri in more productive ways. Siri is an iPhone 4S exclusive and not available on the iPhone 4, even if you upgrade to iOS 5.