Slim BlueTooth Keyboard Is Oh, So Tiny

Cutting out tethers to keyboards is not an easy thing regardless of how many touch-based devices we see and use. And given the iPad’s big launch, I’m guessing that BlueTooth keyboards are going to be in vogue again here shortly, as already we’re seeing a number of folks (like me) dusting off their iGo Stowaway keyboards to use with that device. Given that the iPhone 4.0 OS is also supposed to allow a keyboard to work via BlueTooth, I’m guessing we’re going to see options sprouting up in the market.

Like this one. It’s called the Slim Bluetooth Keyboard and it certainly looks slim and small. In fact to my eye it looks a bit too small to be successful. Certainly this is aimed at those who love their slider keyboards on Smartphones, but want a phone without an attached keyboard. But in my mind the ergonomics of this don’t make much sense. It will set you back $37.

Via RedFerret