So who’s getting an iPhone 4, and why?

Okay, we’ve seen the official details of the iPhone 4. So who’s in? And don’t just say “me” or “not me”. I want details, people. Black or white. 16GB or 32GB. I like X, Y, and Z. I don’t like X, Y, and Z. Your opinions may influence others. And please, can we keep the criticisms pointed and focused? (Saying “iPhone is crap” isn’t really effective, so why bother?)

I’ll start: Yes, I will be getting the iPhone 4. I already planned on upgrading this year regardless, so short of a complete design failure, my decision was mostly made beforehand. I think I’ll splurge for the 32GB model because I see that becoming the standard next year. Actually, I’m quite content with 16GB now, but looking forward, I think the storage increase will be a good idea. I made a similar decision two years ago by opting for 16GB instead of 8GB and wasn’t disappointed.

I like the new design. Never really cared for the plastic backing. Too easy to scratch. The camera and video upgrade finally raise it to the point that I won’t need to bother with a standalone camera for special occasions. I can’t say I really like the look of the white version, but I’m leaning towards that in order to clearly differentiate it from my current black 3G. It’ll probably look better to me once I customize it. Overall, it looks like a solid upgrade. Should work well for me, but I’m not raving over it.

Update: Since Xavier brought it up, I’m holding on to my old 3G as a backup and starter smartphone for my wife. Thankfully she’s not into frivolous critically important technology like I am. Also, I’ve never had problems with AT&T where I live and work.

Your turn.