Some Interesting Weekend Tablet Reading

Last week our completely unplanned series on the iPad (here, here, and here) generated quite a few comments as do many of the posts we publish that talk about Tablets/Slates/whatever you want to call them. You don’t have to look further than the number of hits on posts about the Tega v2 and the HP Slate 500. There’s huge interest out there, and that interest has turned the industry upside down, inside out, and shaken it up quite a bit as the players are working hard to find some way to crack into a market, that in my view, is still trying to establish but isn’t quite there yet.

Here is a collection of posts by others who follow this action that I think are worth reading and taking a look at. They all surfaced today and I think add to the ongoing discussion that doesn’t look like it is going to be over for quite some time.

There’s good and provocative thought in each of those posts. But I can’t help but thinking that the timing of this is like baseball’s spring training. Everybody’s got a chance when spring training begins is the old cliche. But we all know that’s not really true. Sure on occasion there are surprises at the end of a season as to who makes the playoffs, (I think this season proves that). Maybe HP, or Notion Ink, or Samsung, or Asus will actually field a competitor to the iPad. I’m hoping that happens. But it seems apparent that the rest of the lineup is a league full of teams called the Chicago Cubs all waiting for next year.