Some Things I’d Like to See

Some random thoughts.

me From Broadband providers: if you want me to stay a loyal customer in these days of multiple devices, charge me as a user once to hook into your service, not by the number of devices I may own. Also forget data+voice+sms+whatever else. I’ll gladly pay an additional fee for each device I add to the plan, but no more than $5 per device.

From Microsoft: Ditch the multiple SKUs for operating systems. Provide a one price for all plan and a family plan or multiple computer plan. I think one of your competitors does that.

From the Digital Book Publishing Industry : Allow me to purchase a book and then allow me to read it as an e-Book or listen to it as an audio book and sync it across multiple devices regardless of how I ‘read’ what I just purchased. It would be fantastic to listen to an audio book in my car and then be able to pick up another (or the same) device later and continue reading it and have it synced up to where I left off in the audio version.

From Hollywood and Intel: Quit living in fear of your customers and forcing the creation of new DRM schemes that don’t allow users to enjoy that which they gave you money for. HDCP is nuts and your best efforts get cracked anyway.

From device manufacturers everywhere: Stop with the glossy, OK. I don’t care what the marketing focus groups say, glossy doesn’t work in the real world, except for the narcissistic who like to look at themselves in their own screens.

From anywhere in the cloud: A real discussion over the coming collision course between broadband caps and those who are creating (or have created) online services for backup, media distribution, etc