Sony Announces 16.41MP Sensor for Mobile Phones

Sony announced two new camera sensors for mobile phones, including one that’s capable of capturing 16.41 mexapixels  per frame. The Exmor R sensors and their accompanying lens modules will begin shipping early next year.

Sony claims that it has solved some of the issues of packing tiny pixels (1.12μm) so closely together, but I’m a bit skeptical. More megapixels doesn’t necessarily make a better image. High resolution images aren’t always ideal on mobile devices because they eat up both local storage and bandwidth.

Sony does have a mockup demonstrating the difference between a 5MP image and 16MP image. As you can see, the text is readable when blown up to 100%.

The Sony Exmor R sensor and lens module will cost about $145 per unit, which means it’ll be reserved for high-end mobile phones.