Sony Xperia Z Coming to T-mobile?

The Sony Xperia Z is easily one of the best smartphones of 2013, and it may finally make it to the U.S. and on to T-Mobile where shoppers can pick it up on a new UNcarrier plan.

Launched at CES 2013, the Sony Xperia Z took home Gotta Be Mobile’s Best Smartphone of CES award thanks to the design, durability and great features, but since January there are not many Xperia Z devices in the U.S. Instead the Sony Xperia Z is spending most of its time on carriers in the UK and other countries, but that may soon change.

A T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z release appears to be on the way with alleged photos of a T-Mobile branded Sony Xperia Z unit appeared in the early hours of this week. The photos show the back and front of a Sony Xperia Z with a T-Mobile logo on the lower half of the back and a Sony logo on the front.

Is this the T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z?

Is this the T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z?

TMoNews Editor David Baren claims confirmation of the Sony Xperia Z from three sources, and TMoNews is known for sharing insider information about the carrier, even earning a joke from T-Mobile’s CEO at the recent UNcarrier launch event.

The most important, and potentially disappointing part of this rumor, is that as of now the Sony Xperia Z is allegedly only in the testing phase on T-Mobile. This means it may be a while before the Sony Xperia Z takes on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One on T-Mobile’s new 4G LTE network.

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T-Mobile routinely tests new devices, and not all of these devices make it onto the network. This means the leaked photos may show a real T-Mobile Xperia Z, but there is still a chance the device won’t arrive on store shelves.

The Sony Xperia Z features a 5-inch 1080P HD display, 2GB of RAM, a 13MP rear facing camera and a 2MP front facing camera. Inside Sony packs in a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 quad-core processor and 16GB of storage with a Micro SD card for expansion. The Xperia Z includes a 2,330 mAh battery and support for 4G LTE speeds and connectivity.

Sony designed the Xperia Z to withstand water and harsh conditions and was still able to keep the thickness down to 7.99mm. The video below shows off the Sony Xperia Z features and waterproof abilities.

Users who cannot wait for a T-Mobile branded Sony Xperia Z, can import one from a variety of sources to run on U.S. carrier networks. Shoppers who are wiling to pay full price, which may end up similar to what T-Mobile charges, can buy the Sony Xperia Z today.