Spotify for Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone 7 Soon!

One of the biggest hurdles that I feel Microsoft is facing with Windows Phone 7 is application support. The old, tired apps that might have been written for Pocket PC 2002 that people are still running on Windows Mobile 6.5 won’t run on Windows Phone 7. No, that’s definitely not a bad thing in my opinion. Get rid of those old, tired apps and start new. The problem with starting new is that developers are having to start new too! As we near launch day, more and more apps are surfacing for Windows Phone 7. Big wins are notched into Microsoft’s belt when a popular application is announced for Windows Phone 7. One of those wins was recently announced, Spotify!

And one last thing – we’re also very excited to announce that Spotify will be available on the upcoming Windows Phone 7, which from what we’ve seen is going to be just fantastic.

Spotify, which is already available for the iPhone, Android, and Symbian, recently announced a client for Windows Phone and future plans for Windows Phone 7.

I am excited to see a great service provide an app for Windows Phone 7, but I am really hoping for Pandora too. I don’t think I will use Pandora on a ZUNE PHONE (Windows Phone 7) as much as I do on my iPhone, but I would still like to have the ability.