Spotify Set to Launch in the US on Thursday

Well, tomorrow is shaping up as potentially an interesting launch day. Conventional wisdom is that Apple will let the Lion out of the cage tomorrow, along with new Mac Mini’s and new Macbooks (but no Mac Pros). It also looks like European music service, Spotify, will also have its invitation only launch tomorrow as well.

Much loved in Europe, and touted heavily by many, Spotify is a music streaming service that many think will be a rival to iTunes and other services. Some (myself included) also think Spotify may be a little late the party with its US move.

As I said the launch is invite only (you can sign up here) and there are two fee based options available once you get it. $4.99 gets you the basic service without ads (there is a free version with ads) and $9.99 gets you the premium version which allows mobile access with a caching feature (without a mobile option I don’t think there’s much point.) There’s also bee lots of talk about Spotify integrating with Facebook, but according to FT Tech Hub that probably won’t happen at launch. Social music is apparently the next big thing. Or so they say.

So, will Spotify take off here in the US like it did in Europe? Or will it be just another in a long list of options for streaming music? Thoughts?

Via Engadget