Sprint 4G vs. Verizon LTE Speedtest in San Francisco

Yesterday I attended the Dell Means Business event in San Francisco along with a few other dozen geeks. I sat next to Engadget’s Sean Hollister, who was sporting an LG LV600 modem plugged into his laptop. I had my Sprint Overdrive and I challenged him to a 4G duel. Myriam (@tnkgrl)¬†poked a little fun at how Sean refers to the LV600 as “The Dongle” before we hit go on the Speedtest.net test.

As you can see in the above video, the results for my poor Overdrive weren’t pretty. The Verizon LTE modem clocked in speeds of 7.40 Mbps down and 1.40 Mbps up. My Sprint Overdrive came in at 1.76 Mbps down and 0.40 Mbps up. Obviously that’s a pretty big difference and the reason I’m going to pick up a Verizon LTE MiFi as soon as its unleashed.

As I mentioned before, I’m over the Overdrive. I returned my original Overdrive late last month and attempted to switch back to my 3G MiFi. In doing so I lost my Sprint unlimited plan and would’ve had to stick to 5GB of 3G data per month. But when I went to fire up my 3G MiFi it wouldn’t connect. I brought it into a Sprint store and they told me I’d have to use my wireless insurance plan and pay $50 to order a new one. I needed a wireless hotspot that day though and had to bite the bullet and buy another Overdrive and sign a two year agreement.

I was really, really excited to use WiMax here in San Francisco and while traveling, especially after seeing a demo at IDF 2010 that showed 20 Mbps speeds, but I’m obviously getting nothing close to that.

So why do I need speed on the go? Primarily for uploading content and watching video clips. Unfortunately,in order to do that I’ll have to ditch Sprint after five years and seek greener¬†pastures.